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From Lulu with Love…

Sssssshhhhh this is my secret getaway, my haven. A place I go to to get away from the rest of the world and everyone I know. A place I go to unwind and recharge. Ni’mat  is at Kong Arthur Hotel (King Arthur Hotel), in a beautiful location overlooking the Copenhagen Lakes. AOK Denmark (who provide a city guide of Copenhagen and its wonders) awarded Ni’mat Spa the title of “Copenhagen’s Best Wellness” in both 2013 and 2014,  and have nominated Ni’mat Spa for 2015.

I started off with a 1 hr Buddha Massage, which I needed after a week of hard work and training. After that I hit their aromatherapy steam bath – you can purchase a Ni’mat organic salt scrub to use in the steam bath. After cooling down with a cold shower and some herbal tea (on the house), I relaxed in the jacuzzi. If you’re single like me, you’ll appreciate that the spa is never crowded, so you can avoid the awkwardness of sharing the jacuzzi with a  bunch of strangers. I then went off to the aromatherapy sauna to warm up my tired muscles, because I really overdid the training last week. I took a final shower and headed off to find a quiet spot where I was served fruit (on the house)…..and I couldn’t resist getting a glass of Riesling. A fantastic way to start off the weekend.

Ni’mat Massage & Spa
Vendersgade 27, 1363 København, Denmark
+45 33 15 89 55


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10 Ambience
10 Cleanliness
10 Customer Service
9 Pricing
10 Overall Spa Experience
10 Staff
10 Products
10 Conveniently Located
10 Will go again
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