Wine Down Wednesday

Wednesday has come and it is time for the Wine down. With the weekend fast approaching, I like to take the Wednesday and smoke a good stick to celebrate. The stick for this wonderful day is going to be the My Father The Judge. While this cigar debuted in 2016 it was supposed to mimic the original My Father, and it does because it packs an amazing, flavorful punch. Not for the faint at heart, this stick satisfying notes of chocolate and gingersnap is driven by an underlying red pepper spice and plenty of nutty character. In other words, it is exquisite. By the way, I use the term exquisite sparingly so please note this cigar is what I would consider perfection. Now for the pairing…..

Because this cigar is robust, strong and rich in flavor, I would pair this with a very fine bourbon. Some would say scotch, but I am a bourbon drinker. My current favorite is one you cannot get outside of Raleigh, NC; it is the Old Forester Special Blend for Havana Deluxe. Havana Deluxe is the only cigar lounge in Raleigh and it has a wonderful bourbon, scotch, and cigar selection. One of the things I love most about this blend is the smoothness of it. With hints of caramel, it has a wonderful full-bodied flavor and is easy on the palate. One other bourbon I would pair with this amazing cigar is the Old Forester Statesman. I choose this one because of the of the blend which includes stone fruit, cooked cherries, light oak and toasted marshmallow which move quickly to the midpalate. I find this to be pleasant. Some people will say this choice is a tad too dry, but this is my palate and this is my choice.

So come join me this Wednesday for the Wine Down where we can have a great smoke and a phenomenal drink. If not this Wednesday, come next Wednesday to the Stogies and Stilettos event at Havana Deluxe from 7-10 pm. It is sure to be a fun time. I will be waiting.

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